Why Live Streaming is a Must-Have for your Digital Marketing Strategy

Professional Live Video in Business

Live video is a must-have for your digital Marketing strategy. In a time of losing real connections, it allows customers to have an authentic impression and gives them the opportunity to interact directly with you and your business. This is why Live video is a must-have for digital marketing and especially content marketing. Are you […]

How to overcome the terror barrier of being on camera?

how to overcome the terror barrier of going live?

At some point everybody is afraid to speak in front of, a crowd or a camera. In this article, I show you how you can keep a relaxed mindset when going live on camera. I review what causes our fear and show a visualization method on how to start into every live stream with speed, confidence, and ease.

How to go live on LinkedIn

Woman doing a live video

With 740 Million members LinkedIn is the most important business networking platform. Its users are highly international, and views on LinkedIn have a high probability to convert. Since 2019, LinkedIn offers the possibility to stream live to selected users. In this article, I am covering how LinkedIn Live can be of use for you attracting new connections and clients for your business.

What is the Best Live-Streaming Software?

Best Live Streaming Software

In this article, I compare the apps Ecamm Live, OBS, Restream and Streamyard. In the last 2 years, I have used them all and share some experience and advice that could save you time and support your in your investment.

30 Days LIVE: How Bob Proctor helped me to overcome my Terror Barrier

Daniel Schwenger And Bob Proctor

How Bob Proctor challenged me to go LIVE for 30 days You might not know this about me: I started a formation to become a mindset coach in December 2020. I have been trained by Bob Proctor, the leader and legend of personal development. In June last year, I had a chance to talk to […]

Boost your Zoom: Gain HD Resolution for free!

By default, ZOOM limits your video resolution to 360p! You look blurry and graphics don’t read as well. In this article, I show you how you can upgrade your settings to HD quality 720p for free.