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1 on 1 Training

PErsonal coaching call with Daniel Schwenger

Personal Coaching Call with Daniel. 3 x 1 hour

Do you have questions about going LIVE? I’m happy to address these questions in a personal 1:1 coaching session:

  • Setting up your home studio optimally
  • Going live with a streaming platform
  • Preparing yourself for your LIVE video
  • Strategy for your live videos in social networks, on YouTube or as podcasts
  • Promotions of your live events to get more reach
  • Feedback on your LIVE video
  • Accompaniment during your LIVE Video
  • Individual Interview with you

Scope of Service:

  • 3 individual hours of personal coaching call, or as continuous hours.
  • personal call with Daniel Schwenger
Live Magnet Course Daniel Schwenger

LIVE Magnet 🧲 6 Week Course

This course is your shortcut to go LIVE with quality, ease and success 🏆! You would like to “go LIVE” and attract new clients. 😰But, you don’t know where to start technically? I help you to get the proper 🧩technical setup and the 💎right mindset

Course Framework
– Level: beginner to intermediate knowledge
– 6 x interactive Zoom calls, duration each: 60 minutes
– Language: English
– Location: Zoom Call
– Trainer: Daniel Schwenger

You will learn how to…

  • Plan your LIVE and find the format that suits you
  • Run your LIVE session with ease
  • Be more confident in front of the camera
  • Go LIVE across multiple channels at the same time
  • Use streaming platforms
  • Create a “look and feel” that matches your brand identity
  • Set up your camera, microphone and background that represents you

Remote Live Streaming

Remote Livestream

Through a remote livestream production I can help you to produce your own live stream remotely. I will assure you are connected to the desired streaming channels, switch scenes, change cameras and manage the comments during the live stream. You can just focus on delivering the content, interviewing your guests, and showing up on camera.

Team-Building and In-Person Group Courses

Live Video Courses

I help you to get the proper 🧩technical setup and the 💎right mindset: Through my in-person courses, your team will do live videos with ease and pleasure. 📈New clients are attracted to your business through Lives on social networks, in Sales calls, or through webinars.


Target Audience

– Level: beginner to intermediate knowledge
– Students bachelor and master level
– corporate teams
– Language English / German

Scope of service

– Duration from 1 hour classes to day retreats

– Concepts based on content marketing and digital marketing
– Practical exercises and project work

Paradigm Shift Mindset Training

Paradigm Shift Mindset course_

“Thinking into Results” is the most powerfully high-structured, step-by-step process EVER created for quickly and permanently transforming ANY goal, dream, or desire into reality. It’s a 24-week consultant-facilitated home-study program designed for radical personal transformation to bring about POSITIVE, PROFOUND and PERMANENT change in any area of your life and business.

Learn how to transform your dream into REALITY, your goals into ACHIEVEMENTS and your thinking in RESULTS!

My coaching is based on the Thinking Into Results 6 month coaching system and its 12 modules and lessons. Each lesson will take 2 weeks.

We will meet each week for a joint Zoom session: In the first week I will cover my presentation of the lesson. The following week will be an open call where I will focus on your questions and will present additional information and exercises. Each Zoom session will is designed for 60 minutes. An extension or additional sessions can apply in arrangement with the participants.

Helping you to do High-Quality Live Video Broadcasting and Streaming in your Look & Feel. Get into the LIVE Mindset and win clients with ease!

I am Daniel Schwenger, a digital marketing specialist and YouTube Influencer in Geneva/Switzerland. I help thought leaders and business owners to set up their home studio for high-quality video streams and to get into the right mindset, look good on camera and gain trust, engagement, and clients.

How about having an expert help you with your live video stream? Let’s arrange a meeting and find out how I can support you.


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