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Hi there 👋.  I am Daniel Schwenger – a digital marketing specialist and YouTube Influencer in Geneva/Switzerland.

I was always fascinated by radio broadcasting and how a story can connect and move us. During my school and studies, worked as a freelancer and intern in radio and TV stations.

However, I never really got in: I doubted whether I was excellent enough. So, I studied Marketing and Management and worked in consumer goods marketing. It was “kind of” interesting. But, deep in my heart, I felt that there was more.

In 2014 I took the opportunity to work as a Business Journalist for a the financial YouTube channel of Swiss Trading bank. for the first time, I worked full time as a journalist and bursted in creativity and new ideas: During a year, led and produced several newscasts and interviews every day. I broadcasted in English and German and became a wellknown YouTube influencer within Switzerland.

I wanted to learn more about Digital Marketing and worked as a Social Media Manager and Campaigning Specialist for Agencies. I learned to manage campaigns throughout the whole buyers funnel, using SEO, Google Ads, Email-Marketing and Paid Social Media Ads.

Live-Video was already growing before the Corona pandemic. However, the lockdowns led to a boost in Webinars and Live-Video streaming on the social networks.

I became aware that live video can create engagement and trust. I decided to go live for my company and do internal broadcasts, interviewing colleagues and facilitating virtual events.

It struck me that live video is the “magic” field, that brings together all my creative talent, marketing and radio experience.

This is why I started my own company, helping companies and people to grow with live video. Are you ready to go live with high quality and ease?

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