High Quality Live Video Broadcasting

Your individual Live-Video Design

Are you unsure if you are visible enough for your clients? And you are not sure that your communication is different from your competitors?

I help you to gain visibility with your customers through high-quality live video. I create your personalized LIVE design that is cutting-edge. So, when you’re LIVE on Facebook or Zoom, you look fantastic, and everybody recognizes your brand.

My process is straightforward. I need your logo, key colors, current website, and design guides. Then, I will create screens with your Look & Feel, showing your logo, name, and titles. Finally, we will meet for a 1:1 call to set you up for your unique LIVE video.

Remember, going LIVE is a new way of content marketing; it is only a matter of time before your competitors will use it.

My clients enjoy reaching out with new live videos because they feel confident and at ease. Week after week, they create unique and authentic touchpoints with their clients. Also, the replays on Social Media drive additional views to their products and services. And all because they have a LIVE video setup that enables them to reach out with high impact.

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Demo and Example Scenes

Proposed design elements include:
➡️ a Start-Screen with a Countdown Timer
➡️ a Logo Watermark,
➡️ a Lower Third showing your name and title, 
➡️ an End screen showing your Social Media contacts.

Additional elements are possible.

Your scenes will be designed uniquely according to your requirements.

Helping you to do High-Quality Live Video Broadcasting and Streaming in your Look & Feel. Get into the LIVE Mindset and win clients with ease!

I am Daniel Schwenger, a digital marketing specialist and YouTube Influencer in Geneva/Switzerland. I help thought leaders and business owners to set up their home studio for high-quality video streams and to get into the right mindset, look good on camera and gain trust, engagement, and clients.

How about having an expert help you with your live video stream? Let’s arrange a meeting and find out how I can support you.