High Quality Live Video Broadcasting

Live Event Streaming & Recording

Live Event Streaming

You would like to bring online an in-person event? I am a live-streaming expert and help you to record your in person-event and stream it any social network.

I personally come to your event and do the live-streaming and recording for you.

I set up my mobile live-streaming system. Online users will experience your event from several perspectives with the original sound.    

You receive a full recording of the event that you can use for replay and social channels and create additional opportunities. You will gain clients and secure an income that others were not able to realize.

This is how I help you to bring your live-event online

We identify your event’s objectives and the channels to connect to remote participants.

I personally come to your event and broadcast the event virtually.

Online participate will experience your event from several perspectives with the original sound.

Live-Event Streaming Principle

Stream your in person-event via Zoom or any other network in high quality to a fraction of the costs of a video team.

Live-Event Impressions

Live-Event for Valtech Switzerland

Kamales Lardi is an internationally recognized thought leader in Digital Transformation. She presented her new book and discussed with industry leaders i a live event in Zurich/Switzerland. The event was streamed live through the company’s LinkedIn page on November 10th, 2022.

Helping you to do High-Quality Live Video Broadcasting and Streaming in your Look & Feel. Get into the LIVE Mindset and win clients with ease!
I am Daniel Schwenger, a live-video expert, and YouTube Influencer.

I’m Daniel Schwenger, a digital marketing specialist and live-video expert.

I help thought leaders and entrepreneurs set up their home studio for high-quality video streams, look good in front of the camera and gain trust, engagement and customers.

Let’s arrange a meeting and find out how I can support you.

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