Interview Training and Preparation

Interview Training and Preparation

You are invited to participate in an interview as a speaker and expert? I help you to properly prepare and come across well in a live video interview.

Helping you to do High-Quality Live Video Broadcasting and Streaming in your Look & Feel. Get into the LIVE Mindset and win clients with ease!
I am Daniel Schwenger, a digital marketing specialist and YouTube Influencer.

Working as a broadcast journalist and influencer, I conducted more than 200 interviews in a live TV studio setting. What I learned there helps me a lot today in my work as a live video coach.

Technical preparation and the right mindset is key to deliver an interview performance with the best energy and confidence.

How about having an experienced expert help you with your interview and media training?

Let’s arrange a meeting and find out how I can support you.

This is how I help you to prepare for your interview

You contact me for a free discovery call

We find out more information about your objective and interview audience

We meet for a 1:1 session training questions and answers

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