We had a client request streaming to Linkedin Live. Unfortunately, live streaming to Linkedin is not as easy as you would imagine. More importantly, there are few resources available, and Linkedin does not offer any support.

I came across Daniel's videos on Youtube. His tutorials were what we needed - he presented both knowledge and enthusiasm. Our initial conversations led to a consulting engagement with our client, a large enterprise software company in Silicon Valley. He trained the client's digital team on going live on LinkedIn - from event scheduling to connecting to the client's custom stream.

Our first live stream was a great success and led to subsequent events. As a result, the client continues to stream through LinkedIn Live, which is now part of the digital outreach.

I highly recommend Daniel as a valuable live-streaming resource, particularly with LinkedIn Live. More importantly, Daniel presents well in front of clients. Finding people who can deal with pressure and manage clients' expectations is very difficult. I knew from our first meeting that I could put Daniel in front of our client, and he would handle it like a professional.