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How to go live on LinkedIn

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With 830 Million members, LinkedIn is the most important business networking platform. Its users are highly international, and views on LinkedIn have a high probability to convert. Since 2019, LinkedIn offers the possibility to stream live to your followers. This article covers three video episodes about going Live on Linkedin. In a step-by-step guide, you learn how you can implement it LinkedIn Live, and make it a tool to grow your visibility, brand and business.

Part 1: Why you should use LinkedIn Live Videos for your business

In this Linkedin Live tutorial, I am evaluating why you should consider LinkedIn for Live Videos. I talk with the LinkedIn Specialist Brian Horvath. I show how to use LinkedIn, recent statistics, and why users have a high probability to convert when running lead generation strategies. I also present strategies on how to use Linkedin to find a job, LinkedIn profile tips, and strategies on how to stick out with your LinkedIn profile. Watch this LinkedIn tutorial for updating your LinkedIn profile, Linkedin tips on how to find a job, and LinkedIn training for how to get clients, and updating your live video content creation.

Brian horvath

The tutorials were based on a LIVE Video session with LinkedIn Specialist Brian Horvath. Thank you Brian! It was not only great fun do to the LIVE – It also converted into first clients for my new business. 🙏

Part 2: How to go live on LinkedIn with Ecamm and OBS

LinkedIn is a fantastic channel for live video content creation. How can you go live with LinkedIn? How do you get access to LinkedIn Live?* In this video, I walk you through the application process.* I also show you how you make live videos happen on LinkedIn with Ecamm Live, OBS / Open Broadcast System, and Restream.

Watch this LinkedIn tutorial with LinkedIn Specialist Brian Horvath, especially if you are going live on LinkedIn for the first time. I show recent statistics and why users have a high probability to convert. I also present how LinkedIn live works and how to create events on LinkedIn with your live videos.

* Please also find the Section “Requirements for LinkedIn Live” with the newest upgrades.

Requirements for LinkedIn Live

Since 2021, LinkedIn does not require a formal approval process anymore. It is much easier than before. These are the requirements to gain access to LinkedIn Live:

  • You have switched your profile into “Creator Status”
  • You have more than 150 followers and/or connections are eligible to be evaluated for LinkedIn Live access.
  • You have recent shares of any type of original content
  • You have a history of abiding the professional community policies
  • You are allowed to use LinkedIn in your country
  • You also need to use a third party streaming app or platform, such as Ecamm Live, Streamyard, or OBS.

Find more information on LinkedIn’s guidelines

Part 3: Best Practices for Linkedin Live and for Live Video

In this video, I show you the best practices for Linkedin Live and Live video in general. I am covering the rules and guidelines and what Do’s and Don’ts you have to keep in mind when doing Live Video.

Conclusion: What are the advantages of LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn is a social network that is growing on a fast pace. In Summer 2022, the business network counts 830 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Compared to Facebook LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation. This is why content marketers love to use LinkedIn for organic social marketing. LinkedIn Live lets you get close to your followers and create engagement for your business.

Going live with LinkedIn requires being in the “Creator Mode”. Also, you will need to use a third party streaming platform. You can find an overview of these apps here. LinkedIn up might be complicated. Therefore, help of an expert can save time.

As no other social network, LinkedIn restricts access to its Live video feature.  This means that it favors quality Live videos. This is an opportunity especially for leaders, executives and all kinds of decision makers to distinguish themselves. Through LinkedIn, they find the platform for high leads and can achieve engagement, trust and long-term impact.

Best Practices for going live

  • Do not go live more than once a day
  • Go live within the first 60 days of access
  • Do not use pre-recorded content
  • Do no selling or overly promotional live videos
  • Avoid large sponsorship logos when going live
  • Avoid long starting soon screens when going live
  • Stream for more than 10 minutes
  • Avoid unprofessional streams when going live
Daniel Schwenger, Live Video Coach

Whether you are a business owner, a coach,  marketer, or thought leader: LIVE video allows you to reach out and gain new clients.

In digital marketing and as a broadcast journalist, I learned to go live with ease. Whether it is about the technical setup or mindset: I help you to with confidence and high quality. Book a free discovery call or contact me during my live streams. I am looking forward to meeting you.


I highly recommend Daniel as a valuable live-streaming resource, particularly with LinkedIn Live.