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Live Selling is one promising trend driving video streaming

7 Reasons why you should use Live-Streaming

Challenging times like these mean new opportunities. In my opinion, Content Marketing through live video-streaming is one of them. Everybody has been part of a call on Zoom, WebEx or Teams. Now, you can also reach out live on social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube  is one of them. “Going Live” brings you closer to your followers, supporters and clients than ever before in digital marketing.

Here are the 7 reasons why I think Live-Video streaming and broadcasting is an exciting format for all kinds of organizations, from single-entrepreneurs to corporations, including nonprofits:


1) Access a new audience! Because live video is accessible for everybody. That means you can get on every smartphone. Nearly everybody has a Facebook account or can log into YouTube Live. The smartphone is like the pocket radio or TV-Set that our parents, our grant parents, bought in the fifties to be connected to the latest news. The only difference is that live broadcasting takes you to your audience and followers. No broadcasting station is needed.


2) Live Video means little maintenance and low cost. So you don’t need any fancy film teams coming to your place and filming you. The technical bandwidth to upload your video should not be a problem anymore. And, the resolution of a webcam just works well on smartphone screens. Just have a camera, light, and sound, and you’re ready to go whenever you like. 


3) Live broadcasting has the magic of being in real-time. If you are “live”, the audience joins in to see what will happen right now. Your audience can pose the questions they have. Why not use this direct connection to create a more meaningful interaction with your supporters and followers?


4) Live Video helps you to keep and gain trust. Being interactive and authentic is at the center when defining live broadcasting: It goes along with the idea of being real-time. You can give an impression of what you care about, answer the questions, clear off doubts, and bring up topics that are foremost in people’s minds. But there is more to it: If you look at my live broadcast right now, you see that I am doing my best to reach out here now. And, you can then judge yourself: Does this make sense to me? Is this authentic? Do finally I trust the message? This is why some people also shy away from going live, being afraid of their reputation and their look. This is also why the personal development industry has embraced “going live”. If you don’t believe me, try to look for a mindset coach who is not reaching out with live video. 


5) Live Video can be produced in advance. It lets you decide to integrate recorded content, and there’s nothing wrong with it either. You can contribute something relevant, and nice to see something prepared in advance. Just add videos, images, and PDFs. This preparation and structure can help relieve your pressure of “going live” and can guide you within your presentation.


6) Create original content to regenerate and reuse. Why do you not repurpose the footage of your last live video? If you took it seriously, you had the best energy that you could give in this very moment. A live telecast or podcast here can make an attractive post on social media with an additional short edit.


7) And lastly, Live Video is THE tool for creating “real” engagement. If you go live regularly, more and more people will be joining your live sessions and interact with you. In one of my first live streams, when I was still working in a digital agency, I was amazed at the questions of participants who looked for advice on how to improve their digital outreach. Your expertise and point-of-view can be precious to your audience. Engagement with your followers is highly valuable and lets you determine how your message is understood and what clients think and want.

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