High Quality Live Video Broadcasting
Live-streaming using mobile data: Get into the Magic of going LIVE from anywhere!
Live streaming using mobile data connections is possible from more and more locations.

Outdoor and Mobile Live Video-Streaming

Live-Streaming from Outside: Get into the magic of "Going LIVE" from anywhere!

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In this article, you learn how streaming your videos outside will enhance the wonderful experience for your audience and yourself. Here is what you need to bring your live video streams and broadcasts to the next level from anywhere.

LIVE Video is for the leaders of the new times: You might be a business owner, as a coach, as a marketer or a fundraiser. You understand: Because it is all about your energy, passion and purpose. This is why going LIVE  helps you to reach out professionally in your unique way, and to create real engagement.

A live video stream can be dynamic, interactive, and exciting to watch. But, in reality, most live videos are quite boring. They seem like endless monologues in a monotonous office or fake blurry background.

Don’t get me wrong: All creators who throw themselves in deserve respect. They contribute their unique truth that can be valuable for so many viewers. Yet, what does it matter if people might turn off their live stream because their video is rather static and just not appealing and engaging?

Sometimes, just changing a little thing can make a big difference. What if a live streamer is in the middle of a context that really represents him or her? Like, the own garden, terrace or nature?

The Look of LIVE: Your Energy is everything.

When you are LIVE, you are within the moment. Are you able to be in the moment? A location or space can reflect your energy – or take energy away from you. For your LIVE Video, you should choose a location wisely. It should be a space where you feel comfortable and creative. This could be a space in your office or home. But, it might also be the bench in your garden, the view-point of your favorite park, or the rooftop of your office.

Advantages of streaming outdoors

When you run your next video, you might consider these advantages of streaming outdoors:

A LIVE video is about you. You can give your perspective and where you generate your ideas. Instead of showing a clean office space with a shelf with books in the background: How about showing your garden, nature, or atelier, where you are crafting your arts. This gives your audience an idea of who you are and adds to the connection to you.

You personal office corner might be a cozy place to reflect to hit the “go LIVE” button. But being outside gives you another type of energy. The nature around grounds you differently. It changes your energy, and you will realize it in your posture and voice.

LIVE Video includes interaction. By being out there you are also interacting with a new environment. Being outside also makes you think differently. The connection with your audience can happen in a brand new and original way. This can bring new thoughts and reflections outside the box.

Compared to hiring a video team or renting a TV-Studio, live-streaming is a small investment. you can have professional equipment for around USD 1,500. Equipment like lights can add costs. When you are outside, you normally have good lighting conditions. In general, viewers also excuse some backlight and lens flare in outside videos. The new perspective they get is more exciting than perfection.

The retention rate shows the percentage of viewers who continue to look at a video. It is no wonder that videos with an exciting perspective are more intriguing to watch. Viewers tend to stay if there is something exciting to see. Even if it is the cow in the back or the busy city street in the back.

Locations for a live-streamed video outside*

* Check the mobile connection speed and check legal and privacy considerations. Find more explained below.

Technical gear for live-streaming outside

When streaming outside, additional gear might be needed. This could be tripod to hold your smartphone or tablet. A wireless microphones or an extended lavalier microphone give you a stable sound.

Conclusion: When do you start with outdoor live streaming?

When you want to “go LIVE”, a special place gives viewers more context to learn about you. This adds to your authenticity and trust. Live Videos outside bring you out of your existing context and give you special energy. I have experienced, much higher engagement, views, and retention rates of videos outside. So, when would you like to go out outside with your LIVE Video?

I have compiled an equipment list with equipment and tips to do high-quality Live Videos Outside. You can download the list with further info free of charge.

Live Streaming: Legal implications and privacy considerations

  • With all excitement of making streaming outside possible. Always consider that you are not infringing any person’s right to privacy. Being outside might imply that others might be caught in the background who would not like to be filmed and recognized. This is why you should protect them and your space in advance. If you film in a team environment, give notice in advance and make sure everybody is fine to be seen in the background.

  • If you are at a venue that is not yours, make sure you have asked for permission before launching a live stream as well. Most venues including like vantage points or hotels, will welcome your LIVE stream. They might even ask you to promote them with their hashtag.

  • You can find additional considerations and best practices on live-streaming here: https://privacy.uw.edu/policies/live-streaming/

Connection speed for Live Streaming outside:

Live-Video needs a stable upload speed of 5mbit/sec or more. In Urban areas, 4G and 5G Mobile connections provide you high data speeds.

Also Wireless Routers can provide a sufficient connection over 100m. In some cases, Ethernet connections could be the best option.

A simple Ethernet of less than 10 dollars can do the trick and give you with an autonomy of up to 30 meters.

Find an example

Ethernet Cable 30m

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Daniel Schwenger, Live Video Coach

Whether you are a business owner, a coach,  marketer, or thought leader: LIVE video allows you to reach out and gain new clients.

In digital marketing and as a broadcast journalist, I learned to go live with ease. Whether it is about the technical setup or mindset: I help you to with confidence and high quality. Book a free discovery call or contact me during my live streams. I am looking forward to meeting you.