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Bob Proctor, the legendary mindset coach gave me a LIVE-Changing idea

How Bob Proctor challenged me to go LIVE for 30 days

You might not know this about me: I started a formation to become a mindset coach in December 2020. I have been trained by Bob Proctor, the leader and legend of personal development. In June last year, I had a chance to talk to Bob Proctor directly. I asked him: “Should I follow my passion for live broadcasting, or should I concentrate on my training as a mindset coach?” Bob replied quickly: “If you have a passion, follow it! Why don’t you start broadcasting every day talking about this material for the next 30 days?”

I agreed to the proposal and felt incredibly empowered. I started to go live the next day. But, after a few days, I stumbled. I wanted to make it excellent, and I doubted I have enough to say… So, I lost momentum and did not continue after the first 8 days.

On February the 3rd of this year, Bob Proctor passed away. I felt so grateful to have had him as my mentor. However, I dearly wanted to deliver on the mission he gave me.

I started all over again: As of the first day of March, I went LIVE, covering a mindset-related topic every day. I simultaneously streamed this on my social networks and distributed the live streams under the common theme “Mindset March”.

Today, on 30 March 2022, just a few hours ago, I delivered my promise to Bob Proctor and aired my 30th daily live video. Even though I had broadcasted many live streams before: Doing a daily live video on these complex topics was a new experience and definitely required tenacity and some long night shifts.

But, I made it work! Viewers came regularly and asked questions about how they could achieve their goals faster and live the life they really want. Going LIVE daily, allowed me to dive into the substance of Bob Proctor’s fascinating work in a deeper and even more meaningful way – for myself and the audience.

Every day, I devised the technical setup and tried out new tools to enhance the broadcast and viewer’s experience. I simplified my scene-setting, refined the look and feel, used animated slides and I learned how to make live drawings on screen.

As a result, viewers stayed until the end and, I could easily repurpose each of the 30 episodes as a high-quality video on my YouTube channel.

During this LIVE challenge, I realized that I hit my own terror barrier as I reached out to my entire network. Thoughts like these made me worried: What will the others say to my new version of myself? Is it too early to reach out?

I did as I learned from Bob Proctor. I listened to my inner voice and went for my goal. First reactions from former colleagues and new contacts showed me that it was the right thing to do.

Watch the Grande Finale of my Daily Live Video Challenge

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